4-day training in Bialystok

On April 4-8, 15 teachers and specialists from the Kaunas Pranas Daunys Center of Education participated in 4-day international training in Bialystok. Participants learned about the peculiarities of the development of children with autism spectrum disorders in Poland, visited 4 schools, worked according to different integration models, monitored lessons and activities, and learned to work with difficult behavior children. These trainings were very useful and informative, allowing to assess the similarity and differences between services of people with autism spectrum disorders in Lithuania and Poland.

International 3-days training dedicated to teachers and therapists

On May 17-19, international 3-day trainings were held in Kaunas for teachers and professionals from Lithuania and Poland. The training was organized by the Kaunas Pranas Daunys Center of Education. The first training day was devoted to getting acquainted with participants, knowledge about the features of autism spectrum disorder, the possibilities of pre-school children education in Lithuania, the methods applied, and the aspects of group work organization in working with pre-school children with autism spectrum disorders.
The second training day was devoted to the education of schoolchildren, the participants monitored activities / classes with children, they could participate in the education process themselves. This day was also devoted to technology use in the education process. The participants completed a task with a specially prepared computer program installed on tablets, presented other computer programs for people with autism spectrum disorders.
The third day of training was dedicated to the individualization and adaptation of curricula for people with autism spectrum disorders. Presented model of individual work with ASS children. At the end of the day, the participants talked about the peculiarities of education and other services in Lithuania and Poland, shared their impressions and reflections on these 3-day training.

Local events in Kaunas

During the whole project implementation, Kaunas Pranas Daunys Education Center organized local events – lectures for teachers, specialists and parents of children with autism spectrum disorder. The training topics focus on the participants’ practical knowledge and skills development, in order to improve the educational process, promote the development of children’s social skills and ensure a smoother integration of people with autism spectrum disorders.

During the project, 7 local events were organized:

  • “Autism spectrum and sensory processing disorder”
  • “Structured Teaching: physical environment arrangement”
  • ” Structured Teaching: schedule and timetable”
  • ” Structured Teaching: activity or lesson structure and planning”
  • ” Structured Teaching: educational and methodical tools”
  • “Self-service and self-support skill education”
  • “Alternative communication opportunities for children with Autism Spectrum disorder”

These trainings were a great opportunity for teachers, professionals and parents to gain new knowledge, to discuss and share their experiences. This was useful to both the organizers and the participants. In total 212 participants from the whole Kaunas city participated in the training.

On-line trainings

During the project implementation two video trainings were organized – trainings for teachers and specialists:

  • “Project activity at Kaunas Pranas Daunys Educational Center”
  • “Non-formal education at Kaunas Pranas Daunys Education Center”

More than 90 participants from all over Lithuania participated in these video lectures.