PL-LT Platform supporting Autism services


The duration of the project: 01.02.2018- 31.01.2019

The general objective of the project is to increase cross-border cooperation between institutions in the area of ​​developing more integrated and better quality public services dedicated to people with autism and their families in the area of ​​the Cooperation Program through exchange of knowledge and good practices between organizations working for people with autism. The project focuses on specific actions in the field of people support services with autism contributing to:
a) development of the new Autism PL-LT platform with diagnostic service, review of schools for autistic children, therapeutic programs, family service, library and information services;
b) exchange of knowledge and good practices between institutions;
c) organization of training for teachers and therapists in the care of autistic children; and
d) development of common guidelines for the education of children with autism.

Total project value: 45 320.46 euros, EU funding: 38 522,38 euros.